Treating Dehydration at Home

Being dehydrated is never pleasant. The human body cannot go more than three days without water for its vital function. There can be a home treatment for dehydration when sun stroke and other dehydrating conditions arise.

If one is severely dehydrated, get a glass of water. Also, wet a cloth with cold water and put it on the forehead. Slowly sip the water. If a person has a straw, insert it into the water. It is easier for someone who is weak to sip through a straw.

Continue to lie down until the dizziness subsides. Make sure not to over hydrate. Only have two to three cups of water and then rest a bit. After one wakes up from a nap, drink more until the feeling of thirst subsides.

This home treatment for dehydration is sure to remedy the situation. Make sure to also have no caffeine or salty foods during this period which will only further elucidate the problem.